Buying a Home in Kona Hawaii

Buying a Home in Kona Hawaii
You don't need a good reason to buy a home in Kona—but we can tell you there are plenty of excellent reasons to own property here! Whether you plan to retire here or you want to split your time between the Big Island and your home on the mainland, buying a home in Kona, Hawaii, is a good investment!  Maybe you even plan to live here full time: the Big Island is an excellent place to enjoy plenty of nature and a relaxed atmosphere for you and your family. No matter your reason, you can't get here too soon! We can help you research the real estate market and find your dream home. Here's what homebuyers need to know about buying a home on the islands of Hawaii! Home with swimming pool-1

What Is Life Like in Kona?

Depending on your current lifestyle, Kona can be a massive adjustment for new residents—but that's not a bad thing! Slowing down to "island time" and taking a deep breath of our fresh air can do everyone some good. Embracing the Aloha spirit could be just what you've been missing in your life! Your home on the Big Island allows you to leave the bustle of busy city life behind. Whether you make a permanent move to the island or you escape for a part-time break from everything that overwhelms you about living on the mainland, there's a place for you here on the islands of Hawaii!

Open Spaces

Many big cities follow a plan to be "more." Whether it's more retail or another apartment complex, building on any available open space is a typical way of life for city planners. In Kona, we cherish our open spaces! Letting the sunlight, stars, and fresh air into our world is a priority. When buying a Kona coast home, you'll enjoy Big Island real estate that offers plenty of nature and room to breathe.


Sure, you'll have the sound of the waves to enjoy when you live on the Big Island, but sirens, blaring car horns, and traffic throughout all hours of the day aren't what dominates life on the islands of Hawaii. If you want to get away from a noisier life, buying a Kona Coast home in Kailua Kona is an ideal location to find your own quiet and calm retreat!

Clean Air

Along with less noise pollution, we also have less air pollution! It can take some time to get used to fresh air with a touch of salt spray, but it's clean—and better for you than a polluted cityscape any day! Choosing Big Island real estate over a cramped condo in Boston gives you access to unparalleled beauty. At times, the island experiences some "vog"—a volcanic haze that can blow in when the winds are just right. However, the many days of clear air far outweigh a "voggy" day and the beauty of life on the Big Island!

Beaches and Sunshine

You don't have to look far to see the ocean! Kailua Kona has plenty of beaches and lots of sunshine throughout the year. It's an excellent place to "winter" if your home on the mainland experiences the harshness of the polar vortex. No matter what time of year you enjoy your home on the Big Island, you'll find favorable weather conditions and plenty of outdoor activities! If these living conditions sound pretty good, buying a home in Kona, Hawaii, should be in your future! Big Island real estate is an excellent investment with plenty of perks for homeowners.

Why Buy a Home in Kona?

We already live here, and we can't wait for you to join us! Buying a home in Kailua Kona is a dream for many, and it can become a reality with expert help to help you find the perfect home to fit your needs.

Low Property Taxes

When we say low property taxes, we mean low! Compared to other states, Hawaii consistently offers the lowest property taxes in the country. For homeowners at the age of 60 and older, you can also claim significant tax exemptions. This is just another reason that makes Big Island real estate even more appealing. Why settle for mediocrity in San Jose when you could live just a few steps from Kahalu'u Bay?

Investment Property Income

Depending on how soon you plan to move to the Big Island, buying a house now can provide income for you until you're ready to make Kailua Kona your home. Long-term rentals are in high demand on the islands of Hawaii! Take advantage of the passive income and tax benefits of owning a rental house until you get here. Kona Coast property management can help keep your home in pristine shape and earning income for you until you decide to leave the mainland and embrace the Aloha spirit for yourself.

Expert Resources

When you're ready to find and purchase your home, you need a local expert to help you find the right property in an ocean of prospects. When you're not here living in your home, you also need to know it's safe while you're away. Happy Family Having Fun at the Beach Owning a Kona vacation home, a future retirement home, or investment property can feel like a big risk when you live on the mainland. Using a local real estate expert and property manager can give you the peace of mind you need to know your Kona home is the right choice and in good hands until you get here!

We're the Experts to Help You Buy a Home in Kona

If you're considering buying a home in Kona, Hawaii, our experienced Big Island real estate team is standing by! Hawaiian Dream Properties can help direct you to the perfect house to suit your needs and your timing. If it makes sense to offer your home as a rental property, our expert property management team can handle every detail while you benefit from the rewards of passive income! What are your real estate needs in the Kailua Kona market? Let us help you find your slice of paradise!


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