Buying a Retirement Home in Hawaii

Buying a Retirement Home in Hawaii
Retirement could be just around the corner for you—or you could be planning your future far in advance. No matter how much time you have left before you leave the working world behind to enjoy the good life, many people choose to retire in Hawaii—and for plenty of excellent reasons!  Hello I Am Retired Words Nametag Sticker Older PersonIf you've chosen the Big Island as your retirement spot, make sure you choose a good property. Depending on how long before you retire and move into your life of luxury, you might want to turn it into a long-term rental to benefit from additional retirement income.
  • How do you even get started buying a retirement home in Hawaii?
  • Is it too soon to start looking for your Hawaii retirement home?
Making an investment in Big Island real estate is never premature! Here's what you need to know to make your Hawaiian retirement a success.

Why Retire in Kona?

The easier question to answer is: why not? Retiring in Hawaii might seem like a dream to many, but it's a highly sought-after location to live out some of the best years of your life. Why do people love it so much? We can think of a few reasons!
  • It's relaxed: We don't do the hustle and bustle of city life here on the Big Island. When it's time to move on from your career and live a life of leisure, the Kona Coast is the best place to slow down and catch up on life (and sunshine).
  • It's good for your health: All the sun, fresh air, and stress-free days can help you live longer. Some say seniors over the age of 65 can add more years to your life by choosing to retire in Hawaii!
  • You'll stay active: While lying on the beach is an excellent way to relax, you'll have no shortage of activities to help you stay active during retirement. Playing golf, taking long walks on the beach, and even learning to surf help keep you moving!
  • People love to visit: Hiding away in a mainland retirement village might discourage friends and family from visiting you. Everyone loves to visit Hawaii! Your retirement home can be the perfect destination to host your loved ones.
There are plenty of financial benefits, too: property taxes in Hawaii are some of the lowest in the country! Plus, as you age, senior homeowners qualify for additional property tax exemptions. These savings make it worthwhile to enjoy retirement on the Big Island!

How Can You Find the Right Retirement Home in Hawaii?

Have we convinced you to choose the Big Island when it's time to retire? If so, it's time to find your ideal Hawaii retirement home!

Plan Ahead

  • No matter where you plan to retire, start planning sooner rather than later.
  • If you own a home on the mainland while you finish out your working life, it's critical to start saving for your retirement home as soon as you can.
  • You'll need to plan for a down payment plus monthly mortgage payments on the additional house.
If you purchase your Hawaii retirement home while you're still an active part of the workforce, using your retirement home as a rental property can help offset the expense of a second mortgage, maintenance costs, and provide additional income to put toward your retirement lifestyle.

Check the Zones

Hawaii has some unique aspects to owning property. You might find these things different than owning a home on the mainland. If you find a potential property that could be your dream retirement home, check the location. If the property is in a conservation zone, make sure you understand how that can affect how you use the property and if there are any potential impacts to your financial picture in a conservation district. Mature Couple Enjoying Sunset on the Beach-1

Test It Out

Before you commit to buying a Kona Coast home, come experience the island! Hawaiian living is different than most mainland locations. We love the outdoors and consider outdoor spaces as part of the square footage of a property! Be sure you're up to the challenge of living at a different elevation than back "home," dealing with salty sea spray, and the annual threat of hurricanes. All of the positive perks of living in Hawaii far outweigh getting used to the quirks of island life. Plan a visit to give your Hawaiian retirement a test drive!

Talk to Locals

When you decide to retire in Hawaii, it's a big decision! Talk to local retirees about why they love their life on the Big Island. While you're here, talk to local real estate professionals and property managers. They can help you find the best retirement property for your needs. They can also help you manage the property so you can make some money toward retirement until you're ready to move into your Hawaii retirement home!

We're Ready to Help You Find Your Slice of Paradise!

If you're not familiar with Hawaii, finding the right real estate help can be a challenge. You need a one-stop-shop to help you find the perfect Hawaii retirement home—and manage the property until you retire! Hawaiian Dream Properties has been providing full-service real estate and property management services since 2004. We leave nothing to chance: when you're ready to move to Kona, your retirement home is ready and waiting for you! Let's chat about why we're the experts you need when buying a retirement home in Hawaii!


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