Hawaii Real Estate: A Guide to Hawaii Property Marketing

Hawaii Real Estate: A Guide to Hawaii Property Marketing

Juggling the world of Hawaii real estate is no O'ahu vacation. Especially in today's post-pandemic world, the way buyers shop for homes is changing. The kinds of customers looking to become homeowners changed. 

Realtors and homeowners alike will benefit from understanding the changes that have happened and how to navigate them. 2021 is actually a great time to sell your property. Below, we've listed our five must-know real estate marketing tips to make it happen!

1. Find Your Niche

The Hawaii real estate market is vast and growing. Knowing your niche as a realtor or homeowner is extremely important. Having a specialty can help you narrow down your customer base and actually reach a wider number of people who would actually be interested in your property.

Selecting a specific target customer can help save time, money, and effort in selling homes.

2. Stage Your Space

You can leave your place completely empty, but part of property marketing is cultivating a visual for potential customers. Let them imagine themselves living there. You can stage a home by decorating it to the potential liking of your customers.

The key when staging a home is to stay on brand, without being too extreme in taste, as not to deter attention from the home and architecture itself.

The stage you create should emulate the home itself. If it is an upscale listing, make sure to use tasteful furniture. Many realtors rent furniture for their properties and return it once the listing sells.

3. Cross-Promote

This might be a no-brainer for some realtors, but make sure to have your listing for sale on all the popular real estate sites. Have your listing consistent across all the sites to avoid misinformation signaling.

Place your listing on national real estate sites like Zillow and Apartments.com. It is equally important, though, to also place your listing on Hawaii real estate-specific websites like HiCentral.com and Hawaiian Beachfront.  

4. Keep It Old School

There is nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth marketing. Sometimes realtors focus so much on digital marketing, they miss guerilla marketing opportunities right in front of them.

Drive word-of-mouth by becoming the expert realtor in your neighborhood. This will spread like wildfire among potential clients. You can also use "old-school" methods of advertising, like placing colorful flyers around the neighborhood.

5. Email is Gold

Create an email alert flyer to notify people of a property that is on the market. Grab their attention with a virtual tour.

Keep people engaged by consistently updating them on the state of the property. Let realtors, clients, and friends be aware of the interested headcount, offers, and more.

Hawaii Real Estate Tips

Follow the five steps above and you are sure to start getting traction on your property in no time. It does take time to build awareness about a property, so be patient. However, word travels fast and, before you know it, offers will be negotiated.

We help people with Hawaii real estate sell big! For more real estate tips, contact us today.

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