How Hawaiian Dream Properties Caters to International Owners

How Hawaiian Dream Properties Caters to International Owners
How Hawaiian Dream Properties Caters to International Owners - Article banner Owning a rental home on the Big Island is an outstanding investment, even if you live elsewhere in the world. At Hawaiian Dream Properties, we work with real estate investors and property owners from across the globe, and deliver specific and customized leasing and management services that meet the unique needs of their properties. Talk to any of our international owners, and they’ll tell you that they appreciate the peace of mind we provide. Today, we want to share a few of the things that we do to help international owners have a better investment experience.

Local Property Management and Presence in Hawaii

The most important thing an international investor needs is a local presence and local experience. The rental market in Hawaii is a lot different than it is in other places, and you’ll need an expert who understands the real estate trends, the tenants, the maintenance landscape, and the requirements of rental property here. With Hawaiian Dream Properties, you won’t have to worry about long vacancies, emergency repair issues, tenants who don’t pay rent, or expensive turnover periods between tenants. We collect rent on time, we enforce the lease agreement, and we keep your investment compliant with all the state, local, and federal landlord/tenant laws. Your property managers are on the Big Island, and we’re close by to help with everything from leasing to inspecting to maintaining your home.

Technology and Communication is Critical

As an investor living in another country, it’s extremely important to stay connected to your management company and your rental homes. With our team, you’ll have access to an online portal where you can check in on how your property is performing physically and financially. There, you should be able to see inspection reports with photos, follow any maintenance requests that have been submitted, and check for things like rent payments and deposits. Our international owners appreciate the transparency and attention to detail this system provides. Updated accounting statements and reports will be provided, as well as any information you might need about tenants moving in, tenants moving out, preventative services like pest control and landscaping, and anything else pertaining to your investment.

Trust Your Big Island Property Management Team

Big Island Property Management TeamThe main way we cater to international rental property owners is by giving them a reason to trust us. When you live in one country and your investment property is in another, you need to trust your management team completely. You can do that with us. You pay us to make good decisions that are in the best interest of you, your property, and your tenant. Trust us to do our job, and listen to our advice. We make it easy because we want to protect the condition of your investment and keep your good tenants in place. We have plans in place for short-term vacation rentals, long-term investment homes, and even services you might need while your home is vacant. These are just a few of the ways we cater to our international property owners. We’d like to talk more about your specific investment and how we can help. Contact us at Hawaiian Dream Properties.
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