How to Find Tenants Online for Your Rental Property: A Guide

How to Find Tenants Online for Your Rental Property: A Guide

On average, 93% of people will look online first when looking for a property to buy or rent.

When you're trying to fill a property, do you like to have options? Most likely, yes. The key to this is posting your available listings online.

With only one potential tenant, you could settle for someone that will make late payments or miss payments altogether. However, if you have multiple people to choose from because of the level of interest in the unit, you will be able to make a more careful decision to select the best candidate. 

Do you own rental properties? Do you struggle to find quality tenants for your properties? Read on to learn how to find tenants online so that you can streamline the process and acquire tenants that are a great fit for you.

Put Listings on Social Media

One easy way to find tenants is by reaching out to them in a place that they spend a lot of time online: social media. Try creating accounts for your properties and posting when a unit is coming available.

You can do this by posting photos of the property, including information about why the property is desirable, and putting your contact information for people to reach out to schedule tours. 

Posting on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook is very simple and won't take up a lot of your time, so this is an excellent place to start advertising online.

Use Buy/Sell Sites

Another option is to put your properties on sites primarily focused on buying and selling items or properties.

A classic example of a site like this is Craigslist. Here you can post all of the necessary information, and interested people can reach out by email. They even code your email so that they aren't getting your true email which helps to eliminate spam and scams. 

This is a great place to post if you live in a bustling area because people will usually check sites like this to find rentals for an affordable price.

You can also pay to list your rentals on property websites like so that people primarily looking for housing are more likely to see your information. Just remember that it's essential to screen your renters when you find them online. 

Hire a Property Management Company

If you want to know how to find good tenants but don't have the time to do the work yourself, hiring a property management company is a good idea. They can handle the entire process and typically take care of other aspects of running the property for you.

This might include: collecting rent, handling evictions, managing maintenance, and helping you to maximize your income overall. 

Working with a company like this can save you a lot of time and headaches, leaving you with more time and energy to build your business. 

Find Tenants Online—the Easy Way

Finding tenants online for your rental properties doesn't have to be complicated. This article brought out three different avenues that you can take to find tenants online without investing a lot of time. These are social media, buy/sell sites, and property management companies.

If you want to secure tenants that treat your property with care and pay rent on time, consider advertising online to have a bigger pool of choices to pick from.

If you want to leave the prospecting to someone else entirely, contact us today to find out what we can do to help you take your rental investing business to the next level seamlessly. 

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