How to Get Your Hawaii County Property Rent Ready

How to Get Your Hawaii County Property Rent Ready
How to Get Your Hawaii County Property Rent Ready - Article Banner Renting out a Hawaii County home can be pretty exciting; you’re anticipating a great tenant and consistent rental income. But, before you can move someone in and start collecting that rent, you need to make sure your property is rent-ready. If you don’t pay attention to a few important details, you could find you’re facing a longer vacancy period. Here are some of the things you need to do when you’re preparing your investment property for the rental market in Hawaii.

Create Some Curb Appeal

The first impression a prospective tenant has is important, and it’s the first impression that often forms their opinion of the property. You need your home to look attractive from the outside because if a prospective tenant pulls up to a home with overgrown weeds or a building that has faded paint, that tenant may not bother seeing the inside at all. Take a look at the house from the street. The lawn should be mowed and the shrubs should be trimmed. Remove any dead plants, refresh any mulch you may have in the flower beds, and make sure there isn’t any trash or debris in the driveway. The exterior lighting should be adequate, and the blinds and window coverings in the windows should look neat and orderly. It’s a good idea to throw down a fresh welcome mat or hang a wreath on the door. Make the home inviting.

Make Sure Functions and Systems Are Working

Everything in the house should work properly. Test all the appliances as well as the outlets and the sinks. Flush all the toilets and make sure the windows and doors lock without a problem. Turn on the heat and the air and turn on the showers. Inspect every room and system in detail. You want to deliver a property that’s in perfect condition. It helps you to attract high-quality tenants, and it also lets your tenants know that you care about your property and expect it to be kept in good condition.

Make Cost Effective Upgrades

There’s no need to completely remodel your home before you rent it out. If it’s in good condition and clean, you’ll find qualified tenants to rent it. However, small and inexpensive updates don’t hurt. If your appliances are old and dated and you’re planning to replace them, consider investing in stainless steel appliances. Change out the faucets and the hardware on drawers and cabinets. New lighting can make a big difference as well.

Professionally Clean Your Rental Property

Good tenants will never rent a dirty house. Hire professional cleaners to pay attention to every detail. You want the floors to be scrubbed and the carpets to be steam cleaned if you have them. Clean inside and around the appliances, making sure to remove dust from the top of the refrigerator and food debris from the dishwasher. Pull all the lint out of dryers and wipe down the ceiling fans. Tubs, sinks, and faucets should shine. The baseboards should be scrubbed and the paint should be refreshed. Change the air filters and the light bulbs.

Pricing and Marketing Your Home

PricingOnce all of these things are complete, you can find the perfect price and begin marketing your listing. Proper pricing is critical; if you price your Hawaii rental property too low, you’re losing money. If you price it too high, you’re also losing money in vacancy costs. Conduct a market analysis or ask a local property manager in Hawaii County for help. We work with rental values every day, and we know the nuance of every neighborhood. If you’d like some help getting your property ready for the rental market, please contact us at Hawaiian Dream Properties.
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