Preparing Your Hawaii Rental Property for Tropical Storms and Unpredictable Weather

Preparing Your Hawaii Rental Property for Tropical Storms and Unpredictable Weather
Preparing Your Hawaii Rental Property for Tropical Storms and Unpredictable Weather - Article Banner The hurricane season in Hawaii doesn’t get nearly as much attention as the hurricane season in the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. However, we do get a handful of strong storms every year, and it usually results in a lot of rain, strong ocean swells, and of course – wind. According to the Hawaii Office of Public Health, the Central Pacific Hurricane Season officially runs from June 1 until November 30, but homeowners should be aware that tropical cyclones can occur off season and storms can happen at any time of the year. You need to prepare yourself and your rental property for the inevitable storms that pass over the Big Island. You also have to educate your tenants on how to handle things such as power outages, floods, and damage that may occur due to intense weather. The most important thing we can recommend is a property management company that protects your home, even when you can’t. At Hawaiian Dream Properties, we have a unique Home Watch program that benefits our part-time residents and absentee owners. We provide regular property checks and peace of mind.

How to Prepare Before the Storm

Preventative and proactive measures need to be taken before the storm arrives.
  • First, stay informed. Make sure you know when the winds and the rain are expected, and keep an eye on any changes in course. Tropical storms and natural disasters are unpredictable. You have to keep up with the new information coming from state and local governments.
  • Have an emergency plan in place. The best time to create this plan is before you need it.
  • Make sure you and your tenants have the contact information for emergency shelters and services. Decide when it’s necessary to evacuate.
  • Create digital files for things like emergency contact numbers and insurance policies in case there is water damage that destroys your paper files.
  • Secure or move lanai furniture indoors. Move outdoor decorations and items that will be affected by wind and heavy rain.
  • Make sure all pets and personal property are indoors.
  • Put together a supply stash of things like bottled water, nonperishable foods, and batteries. You’ll want candles and flashlights.
Talk to your tenants about the importance of planning ahead. Consider making upgrades to your property that will enable the home to withstand strong winds and storms. Hurricane clips for windows are not expensive, for example, and can be helpful. Make sure your roof is secure and free of any debris before the storm.

Evaluating Your Property after the Storm

Once the worst of the weather has passed and it is safe to do so, get to your property and survey any damage that may have been done. Inspect the exterior and the interior and make a list of anything that will need to be repaired or replaced. Get your insurance claims started if there’s going to be coverage for any of the damage. Schedule your maintenance team and talk to your tenants about next steps.

How Hawaiian Dream Properties Can Help

Our Home Watch program provides different service levels but storm prep applies to all our Hawaii properties. We follow the Hurricane COR (Condition of Readiness) levels used by the US Navy. At COR 3, our management team physically prepares any of our vacant properties for the coming storm, and we notify our occupied properties about what’s happening and what we’re preparing to do. After the storm has passed, we follow up with each property to inspect any damage, we notify owners with pictures and documentation, and we quickly return the property to its pre-storm condition. accredited Our program is the only one accredited by the International Home Watch Alliance in Hawaii, and we bring all of our professional property management expertise to the care of your home. We can be an essential resource before, during, and after a tropical storm. We’d love to tell you more. Contact our team at Hawaiian Dream Properties, and let’s make sure you’re ready for the next hurricane or weather event.
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