The Numbers Don't Lie: Big Island Real Estate Is Booming!

The Numbers Don't Lie: Big Island Real Estate Is Booming!
The start of 2020 is showing great things for Big Island real estate! It's an excellent time to add more properties to your investment portfolio, buy a vacation home, or look to your future with the purchase of your retirement home.  Compared to this time last year, homes are selling at a higher rate; we encourage you not to let the opportunity pass you by! However, when it comes to buying a Kona Coast home, make sure you connect with the right real estate expert to guide you through the Big Island's conservation zones and rules regarding vacation homes, short-term rentals, and long-term rentals. Where should you buy a new property? Whether it's your Hawaii retirement home or your own personal getaway, the Kona Coast has plenty to offer.

Waikoloa Village/Waikoloa

Located on the northwest side of the Big Island, Waikoloa is the place for a luxury vacation home, rental property, or retirement home. It's a small community of fewer than 5,000 people and is the perfect place for relaxation and sunshine. Don't be turned off by the word "luxury!" Big Island real estate in Waikoloa has something for anyone who wants to jump into owning property here. From condos to single-family homes, we can help you find the best property for your needs. Whether you intend to visit by way of your vacation house or you're planning your retirement home, enjoy the nearby beaches and the Waikoloa Village Golf Club. Year over year, this area of Hawaii has seen a healthy uptick in home sales despite the fact that Hawaii is often considered a "cool" market for sellers. As a buyer, you have a serious advantage—but only when you work with the experts when buying a Kona Coast home! Waikoloa Single-Family Homes Sold per Month


Traveling east to the inner part of the island can feel like you're venturing into a different time and space altogether. This impressive diversity is partly what makes Big Island real estate so worthwhile. To give you an example, Waimea hosts plenty of pastures, ranches, and cattle. Yes, you read that right! Hawaii has a proud history of ranching since the late 1700s, long before the mainland became associated with cowboys and longhorns. In Hawaii, paniolos have been carrying on these traditions since King Kamehameha I instituted them, and you're more likely to spot them in Waimea than at the beach. However, you don't have to be a paniolo to enjoy the rugged and beautiful life to be had in Waimea. If you love the idea of island life—but you prefer a bit more seclusion and less resort-style living—Waimea could be the perfect place to purchase your Hawaii retirement home or vacation destination. You're only a short drive from the beach or a day on the golf course. There's plenty of hiking, nature, quiet, and excellent local cuisine when you live in Waimea—and that includes grass-fed steak right from the Big Island! White sand beach on Hawaii Big Island


South of Waikoloa, you'll find Kailua Kona along the western beaches of the Big Island. It's where Hawaiian history meets shopping, restaurants, nightlife, and (of course) the beach.
  • Kona also comes with plenty of luxury properties, yet there's also a place for anyone interested in buying a Kona Coast home.
  • If you're a property investor, Kona is in high demand for rental properties.
  • It's also an ideal place for a Hawaiian retirement: plenty of leisure, activities, beaches, sunshine, and quiet.
Beyond its beaches, the Kona Coast is also well known across the world for its incredible coffee farms. Each farm behaves as its own micro-biome, and coffee lovers will have plenty to explore when it comes to the unique brewing experience reflected in the diversity of flavor.

How You Can Buy Property on the Big Island

If you don't live on the Big Island, it can be a challenge to find the right property for your needs. The right Big Island real estate expert can help you find your next property or home to fit you best!
  • Hawaii property owners can benefit from the lowest property taxes in the country.
  • For retirees who own property on the Big Island, you'll receive significant property tax exemptions when you reach the age of 60 and older.
  • As a vacation home, your Big Island property is the ideal solution for frequent visits.
  • If you spend weeks or months here every year, you'll enjoy having a place to call your second home away from home.

Decide What You Need

Purchase Big Island real estate with your goals in mind: knowing if your property is for retirement, investment, or vacation fun helps your local expert realtor lead you to your dream property!
  • Investment property provides a rental home to tenants. As the owner, you don't plan to live there while you generate rental income. However, if you decide to retire to the Big Island, you can turn your long-term rental into your retirement home. 
  • A vacation home isn't an investment property. You won't rent it to tenants while you're away. It's a second home to use while you stay on the Big Island. When you're back in the real world of the mainland, your property sits vacant. 
  • A retirement home can start as an investment property or a vacation property. Whether you're close to retirement or you have a few years to go, buying a home as your future retirement home in this market can be a smart idea.
No matter your reason for buying real estate here, let your realtor guide you through the process! A local expert understands the unique aspects of buying a Kona Coast home.

We Help Make Your Hawaiian Dream a Reality!

Invest, vacation, or retire—we've got you covered! At Hawaiian Dream Properties, we are the experts you need to navigate every detail when it comes to your Kona Coast property. Find your dream home, manage your investment properties, or safeguard your vacation home—we can do it all! Whether you're ready to start building your Hawaiian retirement, or purchase your next investment property, get in touch with us to begin your Hawaiian adventure!


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