Traits to Look for in a Kona Coast Property Manager: A Landlord's Guide

Traits to Look for in a Kona Coast Property Manager: A Landlord's Guide
When you decide it's time for a property manager to handle your Kona Coast investment home, how do you know which one to hire? If you don't live on the island, it's tough to trust someone to manage your properties long-distance! You shouldn't have to manage your property manager; it's critical to find the experts who are the best fit for your properties—and your profit goals.
  • The wrong property manager can let your property fall into disrepair—or choose the wrong tenants to live in your rental.
  • The right property manager helps your investment property income grow!
Don't select your Kona Coast property manager until you know what to look for in a property management company!Home Real Estate Agent Ready to Sell Home

1. Prominent Professionalism

When interviewing property managers, their level of professionalism should be one of the first things you notice. The Big Island is an excellent destination for relaxation—but if your potential property manager seems too relaxed and casual about their services or handling your property, you need someone more professional.

It Should Be Obvious

You shouldn't have to look hard to know if you're working with a professional from the start. Begin with the basics and gauge your first impression.
  • A user-friendly website: Before you meet with a Kona Coast property manager, check out their website. Is it clean and easy to use? If it's messy or difficult to find the information you need, consider this a lack of professionalism. Your property manager's website should be easy to navigate with a polished look-and-feel.
  • A physical office: It might seem like a given, but your property manager should have a brick-and-mortar location where you can meet with them on the Big Island. This shows you that they have a physical presence on the island and can meet the needs of your property and your tenants after a phone call, email, or text.
  • A clean and organized office space: If you get past the website to schedule a meeting, take note of a property manager's office space. If it's unorganized, dirty, or needs repairs, how can you trust them to keep your property in excellent condition?
  • Professional marketing materials: Ask for samples of how your potential property manager markets other properties. Review online listings and printed materials. If any marketing pieces lack good content or professional design, you don't want this property manager to showcase your property to potential tenants.
If a property manager can't present themself—or their services well—you don't want to trust them with your Hawaiian Dream. Keep looking for the right fit!

2. Outstanding Online Options

For your investment properties to stay competitive and offer valuable services to your tenants, your property manager needs to provide online services. From millennials to Baby Boomers, tenants prefer the convenience of online technology to conduct rental property business. When it comes to growing your profit through your Kona Coast rental home, your property manager needs to have a mastery of digital technique, including:
  • Offering online applications
  • Online rent collection
  • A tenant portal to view balances, review documents, and make maintenance requests
  • 24/7 communication and maintenance availability.
Modern tenants expect many of these amenities to come standard: if your property can't offer them, you won't remain competitive for very long. Tenants look for properties where they don't have to deliver a monthly rent check to the property manager's office. They want a quick response to an after-hours request for a maintenance emergency. Plus, online options benefit owners! Online systems help landlords avoid expensive mistakes and keep you up-to-date with real-time reports about each of your investment properties. Yellow road sign with a blue sky and white clouds first impress

3. Realistic Rave Reviews

Word-of-mouth is valuable insight when choosing a Kona Coast property manager! You need a property manager with plenty of realistic rave reviews from happy tenants and satisfied property owners. Be sure your research into a property management company goes beyond interaction with the potential property managers. Look for outside input!
  • Check the online reviews: Take the best and worst reviews with a grain of salt, but consider what past and current owners and tenants have to say about a property manager when making your decision. Make sure comments seem realistic before you take them too seriously. Bad tenants can leave scathing reviews while friends and family can leave over-the-top ringer reviews.
  • Ask for references: An excellent property manager will have no issues providing you with a few references to confirm their work and reputation. References should give honest feedback about their experiences to provide you with honest insight into working with a promising Kona Coast property manager.
If a property management company lacks online reviews—or can't provide a reference—heed this as a potential red flag and drop them from your list of contenders.

Your Expert Kona Coast Property Manager Awaits!

We know the search for an expert property manager can be challenging. It's not an easy decision, and you shouldn't take it lightly: the right property manager is the one that best fits your needs—and gives you the peace of mind that your Hawaiian Dream is safe, secure, and profitable. When looking for a home rental company in Hawaii, Hawaiian Dream Properties should be at the top of your list! We work hard to provide a professional experience for tenants and owners. We're here to help! As you look for your ideal property manager, use our FREE guide! It's got insider tips about what kind of service to expect from your property management pick. {{cta('15884e4c-7ebe-47fa-abd2-29c3fb62a637','justifycenter')}}
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