'What Could Go Wrong?' How to Keep Your Kona Vacation Home Safe

'What Could Go Wrong?' How to Keep Your Kona Vacation Home Safe
You never really know what you're leaving behind when you go back home after your Big Island vacation. If you're leaving a vacation home in Kona behind, you're leaving behind plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. A vacation home is a wonderful luxury that enhances your time away from your "everyday" life. When you come to the Big Island to spend time in your vacation property, you want it to be in excellent condition when you arrive. While you're away, you don't want it to fall prey to criminal activity—or severe weather conditions.
Have you considered exactly what could go wrong with your Kona vacation property while you're back home? If you're not there to keep an eye on it, you might not realize the potential dangers that can befall a vacant vacation home. We've seen our fair share of terrible things happen to vacation homes while owners are back on the mainland. Here are a few things you could prevent while you're away from your Kona vacation property. 

What Can Go Wrong?


Any property can experience a break-in at any time. A vacant property is an easier and far more appealing target for criminals than a home with people coming and going! The Big Island has plenty of vacation homes that stay vacant for weeks or months during the year. If they're watching, it's easy for criminals to notice which houses are empty and most vulnerable versus which homes have consistent activity. Burglar hand holding crowbar break opening door Criminals don't need a reason to break into a home: sometimes, they want to take what you have. Other times, they just want to be in what you have. It might sound like a twisted version of Goldilocks breaking into the home of the three bears to eat their food and sleep in their beds—but this time, it's your vacation home, and you could be unknowingly hosting unwanted guests.

Weather Damage

While Hawaii is home to beautiful weather most of the time, we get our fair share of high winds and heavy rains. We are also a target for hurricanes June through November during hurricane season every year. How do you know if your vacation home is withstanding the weather elements? If you're not there, you don't know the condition of your property.  If winds or rain damage the exterior of your home, it's not long before the weather gets inside your home, too. Roof or siding damage leads to water leaks and interior damage. If you're away from your vacation property for weeks or months at a time, that's plenty of time for water to damage walls, floors, and encourage the growth of mold.

Unwanted Guests

We talked about unwanted criminal guests in your home. Pests and rodents also love to make themselves at home in Kona! Especially inside homes where there are long stretches without human activity. Your vacant vacation house is a perfect home for rats to move into your walls and ceiling. Without consistent pest control, you could arrive at your property for your next vacation to find a bug or rodent infestation!

What Can Go Right?

These things can go wrong at any time. However, you're more vulnerable to expensive damage from criminals, weather, and pests when your vacation home is empty and unattended. How do you keep an eye on your Kona vacation property when you can't be there? With a home watch service, your home has watchful eyes when yours are back home. Home watch services typically utilize an expert property manager on the Big Island. With their vacation property experience, your property manager knows what to look for when inspecting your home while you're away. Home watch services include:
  • Enough activity (coming and going) to keep your home from appearing vacant.
  • Exterior and interior property inspections.
  • Flushing toilets and flipping switches to make sure there are no issues with piping or electricity.
  • Property maintenance or upkeep to your expectations.
  • Detailed reporting about the condition of your home and recommendations for repairs (if needed).
Couple sitting by their outdoors swimming pool Your vacation property should be safe and secure while you're away. A well-kept landscape, human activity, and a watchful eye on your property keep it in excellent condition for you when you arrive to vacation on the Big Island.

Property Managers Know What to Watch For!

It's always a good idea to let neighbors know when you're not staying in your vacation property. However, depending on a neighbor to keep watch over your property is a lot to expect. The expert property managers of Hawaiian Dream Home Watch know everything your vacation property needs to deter crime and keep it in excellent condition—despite the elements. With our years of experience watching homes on the Big Island, you don't have to worry about your vacation property while you're back home. We work with you to develop a customized checklist to care for your vacation property. Ready to put the experts on watch? Let's chat! {{cta('fa40ba70-b5d1-4129-9018-ec62b53c34f7','justifycenter')}}
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