What Is Home Watch?" What Kona Vacation Property Owners Need to Know"

What Is Home Watch?
A vacant property is a target for crime. Vandalism, burglary, and yes, even squatters (or "resident opportunists") love a house that sits empty for long periods of time. When you own a vacation home in Kona, your house probably sits empty for weeks or months throughout the year. You do everything you can to secure it while you're away, but a house with no activity can fall victim to crime. What about the weather? If winds and rain damage your vacation home while you're away, it sits without repair until you can get back to it. That's why many people on the Big Island take advantage of home watch services. If you can't be in or near your vacation home, trusted local professionals can keep an eye on your property. Here's how it works! Home Inspection

Your Vacation Home Is Vulnerable

Owning a second home in Kona is a wonderful way to enjoy vacation time in Hawaii. It's your home away from your full-time home! However, while you're away from your vacation home, it's vulnerable to the conditions we mentioned above. Crime and weather can cause significant damage to your property while you're not around to keep an eye on it. Your full-time residence takes full-time care to keep it in a condition that meets your standards for everyday life. You want your vacation home to be in peak condition when you arrive to relax for your vacation. You don't want to spend any time finding damage, making repairs, or dealing with routine maintenance while you try to relax in your Kona property; that defeats the purpose of a vacation! How can you keep your vacation home safe while you're away? A home watch program is an ideal way to reduce the vulnerable aspects of an empty house and make sure your home is ready for you when you arrive.

What Is Home Watch?

When you hire home watch professionals, you have property management experts keeping an eye on your property. A property manager knows how to care for Kona properties for property owners who don't live on the Big Island year-round.

It's Better Than a Neighbor

Sure, a neighbor can keep an eye out for problems at your property. However, even the most vigilant friend or neighbor can't match the expertise of a professional property manager. Neighbors have the best intentions, but they can't do everything needed for your property while you're away.

It's Personal

When you set up home watch services for your vacation home, you get a customized protection plan. Not every Kona vacation house is the same! Plus, no two homeowners have the same preferences and requests when it comes to keeping an eye on their vacation property. You meet with your property management experts. Together, you review your home and property and talk through the services you want from your home watch program. An expert property manager will want to know every detail about your property—and how we need to keep an eye on it.
  • Do you have a pool?
  • Should the gate always stay closed and locked?
  • What's the current condition of the property?
  • How often do you want us to check the property?
  • Will there be a vehicle in the driveway?
Your home watch team wants you to leave your home with confidence that it will be in the same condition when you return for your vacation! Hawaiian Home Watch

It's an Inspection

Your local home watch team doesn't settle for a drive-by of your property. We take the list of your preferences and your property's details to walk through it—every time we check your home while you're away.  Hawaiian Dream Home Watch Professionals:
  • Walk the exterior of the home: If the condition is anything different than our previous inspection, we let you know.
  • We check the interior: You might not want your neighbor inside your home while you're away. A home watch professional can do a walkthrough and make sure no faucets are dripping or report rodent activity.
  • We create a report of everything we see: Whether it's good news or bad news, we note it in a report and send it your way.
  • We provide solutions: If strong winds damaged the exterior of your home, we wouldn't let it sit and become a more significant (and expensive) problem.
When a professional property manager monitors your vacation home while you're away, they come with a team of contractors who help keep your home in excellent condition. You don't have to worry about finding a repair person to fix a problem while you're back on the mainland.

Kona Experts Protect Your Home!

When you choose Hawaiian Dream Home Watch for your home watch services, you get expert property managers who understand what your Kona vacation home needs to stay safe while you're away. We've been trusted to care for Big Island homes since 2004! We have the experience to make sure your home is in excellent condition—whether you're here or not. When you arrive in Kona for your vacation, you walk into your home, knowing it's ready for you to relax and enjoy it hassle-free! Ready to get started? Let's talk! {{cta('49e2fa83-6a59-4b36-8b3a-5999e8b5a771','justifycenter')}}
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