What Is It Like to Live in Kona, HI?

What Is It Like to Live in Kona, HI?
If hurricanes are the first thing that comes to mind about Hawaii, we can tell you there's much more to our island life than some occasional bad weather! Have you ever thought about what it might be like to live in Kona, HI? We're more than your favorite vacation spot: we're a lifestyle! The Aloha spirit is part of everything we do here, so if you plan on moving to the Big Island, it may be a culture shock at first to leave the mainland way of doing things behind! We'll warn you: when you live on the Big Island, it comes attached with severe cases of relaxation, endless opportunities for sunshine, and a lot of sand from our beautiful beaches. It's a rough life—but someone has to live here! It could be youif you decide on buying a Kona Coast home. Here's a little about life on the Big Island!

"Island Time" Is Always Our Time

It's not about the time zone! While we're several hours behind the mainland every day, "island time" is a way of life. If you come from a busy, bustling environment, it might take a while to get used to a slower pace. No one is in a hurry for much of anything in Kona—and we love it that way!
  • Take a leisurely stroll on the beach.
  • Relax on your porch to watch the sunset.
  • Take a dip in the ocean or your pool.
  • Enjoy some of the world's best coffee.
Everything else can wait while you take a deep breath and relax. When it comes to Big Island real estate, there's hardly a better spot than the comfort and security that comes from buying a home on the Kona side of the island!

Happy Senior Couple Dancing Walking on A Tropical BeachThe Beach is In Your Backyard

Island life means never having to travel to get to the beach. We have plenty of beaches within walking distance or after a short drive. Remember, we're on an island! Nothing is very far from anything.
  • Our beaches might be a little different if you're used to soft, white sand.
  • As a volcanic island, our beaches consist of white sand that's might feel a bit more coarse between your toes than sand from other beaches.
  • We also have black and crystal green sand, coral, and lava rocks, depending on your favorite beach. 
Spend any amount of time at the beach, and you'll find gorgeous blue water and plenty of sunshine!

Shop Big or Small

Being on an island doesn't mean you have to live without the conveniences of the big city or the mainland! Purchasing your own slice of Big Island real estate is more about leaving a mentality and culture behind. We still offer plenty of "big box" shopping for your everyday needs. Those who live in Kona also value supporting our small, local businesses that make island life so vibrant!
If you adore your Starbucks, you'll still find one right next to the Kona Farmers Market. However, if you're moving to the Big Island, you deserve to experience everything it has to offer! Choose from a variety of masterful Kona coffee roasters and enjoy the luxury of "farm to table" coffee. If you haven't heard of Kona coffee before arriving on the Big Island, you're in for a treat: our coffee industry is world-class. Coffee lovers will think they've moved to coffee heaven when you decide to live on the Big Island!

Work (If You Must)

Kona isn't a place only for retirees, although it's an excellent place to retire! You also don't have to be a beach lifeguard or a coffee roaster to work on the island—if you must. 
  The Big Island has plenty of opportunity for employment in some of the country's biggest industries, including:
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Social assistance
  • Education
Plus, with the conveniences available today, you can always work remotely. No matter how spacious that corner office might be, we think that the view from your porch when you decide to live on the Big Island definitely tops stop-and-go traffic. Working in Kona until you retire in Kona sounds like a pretty good plan!
Relaxing on the beach

"Leisure" Isn't Boring

Don't get the idea that living a life of leisure on the island means "boring!" When you experience island life in Kona, you'll find plenty to do. Besides lounging on the beach:
  • Take a hike: Kona has plenty of nature walks, hiking trails, and parks to explore. 
  • Hop to another island: Kona is on Hawaii's biggest island, but we're only a short hop from the other islands. Visit other beaches, resorts, and visit Pearl Harbor without dealing with the jet leg of coming from the mainland.
  • Enjoy golf any time: Golf is a year-round sport on the Big Island! We have plenty of beautiful courses with an ocean view for those who want to learn a new game or anyone who makes golf a regular part of island life.
  • Get in the water: Don't stop at the beach. The ocean is full of adventure! Learn to snorkel, scuba dive, or surf. Our access to the water is just one reason why buying a Kona Coast home means buying a share of luxury.
  • Eat: Island cuisine is almost worth the price of admission alone! We have plenty of chain restaurants, but the real gems that come with moving to Kona are the local mom-and-pop spots. When you become a local, eat where the locals eat!
You don't have to be on vacation to enjoy the many activities and the lifestyle of Kona, HI. When you own a home here, this is your everyday lifestyle!

You Can't Get Here Soon Enough!

We're ready to hit the beach—how about you? If you feel like you can't get here soon enough, Hawaiian Dream Properties is standing by to get you here as quickly as we can! We're experts in Big Island real estate, and we've been helping happy homeowners since 2004 with moving to Kona. Finding the perfect home for you to enjoy what it's like to live in Kona, HI, is easier with the right realty team to guide you. Let's say, "Aloha!" soon!


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