What to Expect From a Full Service Big Island Brokerage

What to Expect From a Full Service Big Island Brokerage
What to Expect From a Full Service Big Island Brokerage - Article Banner Every property management company is a little different in the services that are offered and the value that’s provided. At Hawaiian Dream Properties, we’re a Big Island brokerage firm that can help you with a variety of real estate needs. We’re here when you want to buy and sell. We’re here when you want to rent out a vacation home part of the year. We’re here for long-term rentals as well, and we’re even able to provide property protection with our unique and licensed Home Watch program. When you’re looking for full service leasing, management, and maintenance services, take the time to find out exactly what you’ll get in exchange for your fees. These are some of the general things you should expect from any full service Big Island brokerage you decide to work with.

Investment Advice and Identifying Opportunities

Full-service brokerage services should start with taking a look at your investment goals and deciding which properties would make the right investment opportunities for you and how to acquire them in a way that you’re setting yourself up for consistent rental income and long-term ROI. Your brokerage team should help with every part of the real estate investment process. This includes helping you understand how much rent you’ll earn and how long it will take to rent the property out. It includes estimating the repairs and work that will be required to prepare the home for the rental market. It includes direction with financing, insurance, and assistance in closing the deal.

Leasing and Preparing Your Big Island Investment

Property management in Hawaii should start with finding and placing a great tenant. Your property managers will first help you prepare the property for the rental market. You will discuss pricing and settle on a rental value based on the market, the competition, and the amount that good tenants are willing to pay. High quality marketing photos will be taken, and a listing will be created that’s designed to attract as many prospective tenants as possible. Your property manager will then respond to phone calls and messages from people who may be interested in seeing the home. Showings will be scheduled and applications will be collected. Then, your property manager will screen prospective tenants, which is perhaps one of the most important functions of an expert management company. Once a tenant is approved for your property, a full-service property manager will collect the move-in funds, handle the lease-signing, and conduct a move-in inspection to document the condition of your property before the tenant takes possession.

Ongoing Property Management and Maintenance

After a tenant has been placed, you can expect your full-service brokerage and property management company to handle the day-to-day details involved in the effective and efficient management of your home. This should include rent collection, lease enforcement, tenant communications and relations, as well as accounting and bookkeeping. Your property manager will keep up with all the laws and requirements in the state of Hawaii, and ensure you and your property remain compliant. Full-service property management also includes maintaining and protecting the condition of your property. Your property manager will be available 24 hours a day to respond to emergency maintenance calls from your tenants. There will also be a plan for routine maintenance, and you’ll have access to the company’s preferred vendor list. Hopefully, you’re working with a management company that cares about preventative maintenance. Having a preventative maintenance plan in place can save you money and help you avoid the headaches that come with large and unexpected repairs.

Protecting Your Big Island Investment

Big Island Investment Our Home Watch program ensures that your property is protected, whether it’s occupied by a tenant or vacant and waiting for your next visit. Not every brokerage company will have a unique and systematic program in place like this one, but you should expect that the condition of your property will be protected and its value kept intact. These are just a few of the things you can expect from your full-service Big Island brokerage and property management company. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us at Hawaiian Dream Properties.
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