What Waimea Landlords Need to Know About Property Maintenance on The Big Island

What Waimea Landlords Need to Know About Property Maintenance on The Big Island
When you own a rental property on the Big Island, maintenance must be one of your top priorities. Tenants don't want a home that needs repairs or looks rundown. Plus, neglecting routine maintenance can lead to expensive repairs. Ultimately, this cuts into the profit you want from owning a rental property and can spell disaster for your future retirement plans. How does a landlord follow best practices for a well-maintained rental property? Many landlords find maintenance to be a headache, but it's a critical part of keeping good tenants. With a little help, you can master the maintenance for your Waimea property if you live on the Big Island. If you're a long-distance landlord, then partnering with a local property manager is essential to maintain the health of your investment.

It’s Tempting to "Do It Yourself"

If you’re good with a hammer and power drill around your home, it’s tempting to tackle rental property maintenance on your own, too. However, your rental property is an investment in your future. A DIY fix might be good enough for your home, but your rental property needs a professional solution. If you live abroad, the idea of catching a flight each time an emergency pops up makes the DIY option highly unlikely. Landlords in this situation need a local solution.DIY Fail Broken Hammer Nails Wood Repairs Typically, this means bringing in a plumber, electrician, or general maintenance professional when the need arises. Your tenants will also appreciate a prompt, one-and-done solution to a maintenance problem.

Whom Do You Call?

When you have a maintenance problem in your Waimea rental property, you don’t want to send in “just” anyone to “try” and fix it. The most efficient and cost-effective way to manage maintenance for your rental property is to develop a trusted list of contractors to call for repairs. Vetting contractors is a critical part of maintaining your rental property. Drill Maintenance Contractor You need contractors that:
  • Do quality work the first time.
  • Don’t overcharge for their service.
  • Are available for after-hours emergencieswithout excessive after-hours charges.
  • Pass a background screening, so you know they are safe to be in your rental property.
As a landlord, you must provide a safe environment for your tenants. Anyone who enters the property to do repairs must pass a background screening to help ensure that your maintenance professionals don’t put your tenants in danger. Having a go-to list of contractors for common maintenance problems helps you respond quickly to tenant needs, even if you live on the mainland.

Routine Maintenance Saves Money!

Seasoned landlords can confirm one of the best Big Island property management tips: Don’t wait until there’s a problem to check on your rental property. couple catching leaks in buckets Routine maintenance is another way to save money. Plus, you’ll stay up to date with the condition of your Waimea property. If it’s not an emergency, tenants don’t always recognize when they should report a maintenance problem. In some cases, tenants might try to fix a small issue on their ownand that’s never a good idea! Your rental property is a tremendous and precious asset. When you perform an inspection of your property before the change of each season, you have the perfect opportunity to notice smaller issues that need attention before they become a more significant and expensive problem. All of this sounds well and good for someone who might live on the Big Island. However, if your investment property is your future retirement home, what can you do to make sure it's inspected and maintained to a high standard? This is where local property management really shines.

Maintenance on The Big Island Isn’t Easy—but It Makes a BIG Difference!

Your current home requires regular upkeep. Your rental property needs TLC throughout the year, too. From saving money to attracting better tenants, the way you maintain your rental property can help you grow your retirement plansor leave you with an empty property. Many landlords (understandably) don’t have the time to truly give their Waimea rental property the maintenance attention it deserves. That’s why working with a professional property manager is the best solution to all of your maintenance needs. Local, Big Island property management takes care of every maintenance need: from preparing your property across the two seasons to make-ready items and late-night emergencies. It’s true! You don’t have to answer middle-of-the-night tenant calls when a pipe bursts in your rental property. Your property manager takes those calls and makes sure your tenants are safe while their on-call contractor handles the repair. Bearded repairman holding adjustable wrench and looking under broken sink in kitchen

Professional Property Maintenance is the Best Fix!

Hiring a professional property manager is the best fix for all your Waimea rental property maintenance. Hawaiian Dream Properties is the expert when it comes to Big Island property management. We have a vetted team of contractors ready for any maintenance issue, large or small. Our schedule of routine inspections helps keep your property in top condition to impress your tenants and minimize significant repair expenses for you. Your Hawaiian Dream Properties partner understands the importance of a well-maintained property. We don’t mark-up maintenance costs because it’s just part of what it takes to make your rental property a success. Contact us for a FREE Property Analysis and let us be the best "fix" for your rental property struggles!


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