Empty Home Insurance? You Need Home Watch Services in Kona

Empty Home Insurance? You Need Home Watch Services in Kona
Your Kona vacation property is your home away from home—in paradise! However, short of stopping time and the elements, your vacation property is vulnerable to harm that could take place while you're away. The company that provides your homeowner's insurance knows this and is concerned about the safety of your vacation property, too. Without a watchful eye available to help protect your property, it's subject to damage—whether from weather-related perils or vandalism. That's an expensive problem for you and your insurance company—even with empty home insurance Luxury villaWhen you're away from your slice of paradise for 60 days or more, your home might be considered unoccupied by your insurance provider—and void your homeowner's insurance! Here's why every Kona vacation property needs more than house sitting services to qualify for many empty home insurance policies to stay protected.

Is It "Vacant" or "Unoccupied?"

If you don't use your Kona vacation property for 60 days at a time (or longer), many insurance companies consider this "unoccupied" or "vacant." Most often, vacation homes fall under the category of "unoccupied."
  • A "vacant" home is empty of all personal belongings.
  • An "unoccupied" home is ready for owners to return for vacation or short-term living. You leave furniture and creature comforts in your Kona vacation home so that it's primed for your next getaway!
In both cases, most standard homeowner's policies don't cover a property that's empty for 3060 days or longer. This is a common issue we often see here as a Kona home watch services provider due to the large population of vacation homeowners. Your full-time life is on the mainland, and your vacation property waits patiently for you to enjoy it throughout the year. While it waits, it can be a target for vandalism (including squatting) or suffer damage from weather and the Hawaiian elements. Many insurance companies require empty home insurance to cover your vacation property while you're away for extended lengths of time. It's a unique coverage that carries certain requirements compared to the homeowner's coverage on your mainland home.

Why Do You Need Empty Home Insurance Coverage?

  • Your vacation home insurance policy is specific to its status as a "vacation" home.
  • It's not your full-time residence, so the policy offers coverage as a part-time residence.
  • Empty home insurance picks up where vacation home insurance leaves off.
  • Many insurance companies require a home watch service to keep an eye on your property while you're away as a stipulation of your coverage.
Here's an example: If you don't have empty home insurance and your property is the victim of vandalism or a robbery while you're away, you're responsible for the cost of repairs. When you have coverage for your unoccupied property, your insurance company covers the majority of the repair costs. Without a professional home watch service, your insurance company isn't comfortable providing coverage for your home. Damage from the weather can turn into significant, expensive repairs if no one notices there's a problem for a while. When your insurance provider knows you have professionals routinely inspecting your property, they know your vacation home is in good hands while you're away.  

Why a Home Watch Service?

Can't a neighbor keep an eye on your property? It's inexpensive—and you have excellent neighbors! That's probably true, but they won't help you qualify for empty home insurance. You need a professional service that schedules regular inspections for the duration of your time away from the island. A home watch provider in Kona is superior to a house sitting service or the watchful eye of your very best neighbor! However, what makes them the right choice to protect your Kona vacation home? An expert home watch service:
  • Schedules weekly or twice-monthly property inspections: This inspection is more than a simple drive-by! Your professional home watch provider will walk the exterior of your property and look for broken windows or doors. They check for damage to siding, outdoor furniture, and your roof. They also walk the interior of your property to check for water leaks, HVAC temperature controls, signs of squatting, and pest activity. 
  • Provides detailed reports and photos of your property: Each inspection ends with a report about the condition of your property, along with pictures for your records. 
  • Reports problems right away: If your Home Watch Reporter notices vandalism or weather damage, they call the police—and report it to you, too. At Hawaiian Dream Home Watch, we address damage and criminal activity right away to avoid the expensive problems that come with delays.
Broken window on door by vandalismWith a professional Home Watch Reporter, your insurance company has a point of contact right here on the Big Island! Your chosen Kona home watch service can work with your insurance company to assess damage and schedule repairs—so your Kona vacation home is back in perfect condition before your next trip to the island. The point of your vacation home is to relax and leave your problems behind on the mainland—not have to deal with trouble in paradise!

Kona Home Watch Services Help Improve Your Insurance Coverage!

Professional Kona home watch services help provide peace of mind for you and your insurance company. Hawaiian Dream Home Watch has a thorough and experienced approach to home inspections while you're away. Our professional Home Watch Reporters have the expertise to ensure your Kona vacation home has the coverage it needs when qualifying for empty home insurance while your property is unoccupied. Additionally, Hawaiian Dream Home Watch is licensed, bonded, and insured. We are the only home watch company in Hawaii that is an accredited member of the International Home Watch Alliance. A house sitter or neighbor can't provide the same peace of mind! You need a home watch service with professional property management experience: since 2004, we've been protecting your Hawaiian Dream. Get in touch with us today so we can put the "vacation" back in your vacation home—and take the stress away while you're away. {{cta('fa40ba70-b5d1-4129-9018-ec62b53c34f7','justifycenter')}}
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